About me

My name is Will Blackwell Chambers

I am a 23 year old mechanical engineer working towards a masters degree.

My racing career started back when I was 12 years old when I was given my first go kart.

Over the next few years I progressed up the ranks and ended up competing in the UK National karting championship Super 1 in the Jnr Rotax class.

My final season of karting came in 2011 when I was crowned the 2011 Whilton Mill Club Champion in Jnr Rotax.

2012 spelled my first year of car racing which came with multiple top 5 finishes . During the following seasons I developed as a driver becoming more competitive and confident behind the wheel.

After several incomplete seasons due to exams my first full year came during 2015 where I finished second in the 5 Club racing Cup

My most successful year came last year racing again in the BRSCC Mazda Championship.

With 8 wins during the season and a title fight that went down to the last round I was able to clench the title at Donnington Park.

My future aims would be to progress into GT racing along with completing my masters degree.

Thank you for taking the time to view this.